Terms and Conditions for Jankan

1. Scope

These standard Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) shall govern your (the “Purchaser”) use of this website and the sale by Jankan (Pty) Ltd (“Jankan”) of all goods and/or services as well as all subsequent transactions between Jankan and the Purchaser.

2. Subject of Agreement

The subject of this agreement is the order of products by the Purchaser from Jankan, the supply of products ordered by the Purchaser from Jankan and the subsequent delivery of the products to the Purchaser.

3. Changes to orders, cancellation of orders and conditions for Personal orders

  1. Once an order has been placed, it will be considered a standing order to be delivered within 3(three) workdays.

4. Price and Terms of Payment

  1. The Price of all goods and service shall be set out on the order page of the website of Jankan. Jankan reserves the right to make reasonable price adjustments from time to time. A price increase will be communicated in advance to the Purchaser should there be a current order in place.
  2. Invoices sent by Jankan shall be payable by the Purchaser immediately and shall be paid in full by no later than 7 (seven) calendar days after receipt of the month end invoice and statement and must be paid directly to Jankan via EFT into the bank account stated on the customer invoice and statement. Payment can also be done via Payfast.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed on in writing, the Purchaser shall not have any right of deduction or set-off. Objections to Jankan’s invoices and/ or statements must be received by Jankan within 4 (four) days after receipt of the invoice. In the event that Purchaser fails to provide a timely objection notice to Jankan, the terms of the invoice or other document shall be deemed to have been irrevocably accepted by Purchaser. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Jankan reserves the right to correct, at any time, any invoicing errors, including calculation errors, which may arise from time to time.
  4. If an invoice or statement was corrected by Jankan, the corrected invoice and/ or statement shall be sent to the Purchaser immediately and shall be payable by the Purchaser upon receipt thereof.
  5. Vouchers and Promotional Codes may only be used once and are not redeemable for cash. They may only be used by new or current customers as specified on the relevant voucher or in the relevant promotional material.

5. Late or non-payment by the Purchaser

  1. Jankan reserves the right to suspend orders of the Purchaser if his/ her account is in arrears. It will be within the sole discretion of Jankan to re-activate orders notwithstanding receipt of the Purchaser’s proof of payment.
    b. If the Purchaser fails to make payment within the time constraint set out in paragraph 4 (b) above Jankan reserves all rights to institute legal action against the Purchaser. Jankan shall be entitled to recover legal costs on an attorney and own client scale from the Purchaser.

6. Quotations and Orders

    1. Unless otherwise specified, all written quotations shall be intended for reference purposes only, constituting neither an offer to sell nor imposing any obligations or liability on Jankan. All written quotations and offers to sell automatically expire ten (10) days from the date quoted unless otherwise specified.
    2. Unless otherwise expressly agreed upon in writing by Jankan, any figures, measurements, dimensions or other descriptive specifications relating to Jankan’s quotation or offer to sell (“Specifications”) are approximations only and shall not be deemed to form part of any agreement or be treated as constituting any representation, warranty or condition in relation to the goods or services.
    3. Any deviations between the goods supplied and any offers, samples, trial products and pre-deliveries are permitted in accordance with technical norms and within standard industry variances and tolerances.
    4. No order placed by the Purchaser shall be deemed to be accepted by Jankan unless and until confirmed in writing (via email) by Jankan or its duly authorized representative or until performed by Jankan. Jankan reserves the right to accept or decline any order in whole or in part within three (3) days after receipt of Purchaser’s order.

7. Delivery of Goods and Performance of Services

    1. Jankan will use commercially reasonable efforts to make sure goods are delivered in the shortest possible time on designated delivery day. However, specific times cannot be guaranteed.
    2. Delay or failure by Jankan to deliver an installment and/or perform a stage of service shall not entitle the Purchaser to repudiate or cancel the delivery of other installments or stages of goods ordered.
    3. A maximum of two delivery attempts will be made on the day of delivery. If the Purchaser is not available to accept the goods, the Purchaser will still be invoiced for the goods.Jankan will contact the Purchaser should the delivery attempt not be successful.

8. Inspection and Acceptance of Goods and Services

The Purchaser shall provide Jankan with a written notice within 1 (one) day of delivery containing the full details of any alleged defect or non-conformity in goods. Jankan shall make the final determination as to whether the goods are defective or non-conforming. If it is determined that the product does have a defect, Jankan shall, in its discretion, replace the affected goods and/or provide the Purchaser with a discount which it deems reasonable in the circumstances.


Changes in Terms and Conditions
Jankan reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions which will become effective immediately once updated on this website. It remains your obligation to check these Terms and Conditions, and your use of this website and services will be considered notice of your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Limited Warranty

    1. Except as otherwise specified herein, Jankan warrants that: (i) all goods and services purchased hereunder are free from defects in material and workmanship and conform to the requirements of this Agreement; (ii) Jankan has good title to goods and the right to sell them to the Purchaser; and (iii) goods and services shall conform to the written Specifications, if any, described in the Sales Agreement.
    2. This warranty excludes normal wear and tear and ordinary deviations in size, weight or quality of the product.
    3. The Purchaser shall not be entitled to withhold payments on account of warranty claims or other counter-claims not recognized by Jankan.
    4. The use by the Purchaser of any product supplied by Jankan is at the Purchaser’s risk.

Entire Agreement and Electronic Communications

These Terms along with the completed Order Form and any document relating thereto contain the entire agreement between Purchaser and Jankan and shall not be altered or amended except by written communication agreed to by both parties.
By using this website and/or communicating electronically with Jankan, the Purchaser agrees that all communication satisfies any legal requirement, including the requirement that such communications must be in writing.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and any document relating thereto shall be governed by and interpreted according to the laws of the Republic of South Africa and either party shall bring any action that arises out of or relates to the Sale Agreement and/or these Terms in any Magistrate’s Court in the Republic of South Africa, that has jurisdiction over the subject matter.

All content on this website is copyrighted and remains the sole property of The Fruit Cube.

By accessing and using this website, the Purchaser agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions as set out above. No content on this website may be accessed, used, downloaded or copied and shared for any purpose without the consent of The Fruit Cube.